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A toy programming language.

Random Library

The random library offers a number of functions geared towards producing pseudorandom values. This library has a concept called “generators”, which are opaque objects used to generate a sequence of numbers from an initial integer seed. A seed can be generated from most values using the standard library hash function.

The random library can usually be accessed with the import keyword:

import standard;
import random;

var generator: opaque = createRandomGenerator(clock().hash());

The current implementation is minimal in nature, and will be expanded or replaced in future.

createRandomGenerator(seed: int)

This function creates a new generator opaque based on the given seed. The same seed will produce the same sequence of pseudorandom outputs from different generators using generateRandomNumber.

Every generator must also be freed with freeRandomGenerator.

generateRandomNumber(self: opaque)

This function takes in a generator opaque, and returns a pseudorandom integer value.

This function also mutates the generator’s internal state.

freeRandomGenerator(self: opaque)

This function frees an existing generator opaque.