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A toy programming language.

Testing Toy

Toy uses GitHub CI for comprehensive automated testing - however, all of the tests are under test/, and can be executed by running make test. Doing so on linux will attempt to use valgrind; to disable using valgrind, pass in DISABLE_VALGRIND=true as an environment variable.

The tests consist of a number of different situations and edge cases which have been discovered, and should probably be thoroughly tested one way or another. There are also several “-bugfix.toy” scripts which explicitly test a bug that has been encountered in one way or another. The libs that are stored in repl/ are also tested - their tests are under /tests/scripts/lib; some error cases are also checked by the mustfail tests in /test/scripts/mustfail.

GitHub CI also has access to the option make test-sanitized which attempts to use memory sanitation. I don’t know enough about this to offer much comentary, only that several invisible issues are monitored this way.