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A toy programming language.


There’s a few things I’d like to do with the langauge, namely bugfixes, new features and implementing a game with it.

Game And Game Engine

The Toy programming langauge was designed from the beginning as though it was supposed to be embedded into an imaginary game engine. Well, now that the lang is nearly feature complete, it’s time to start on that engine.

To that end, I’ve begun working on this: Airport Game.

This is a simple game concept, which I can implement within a reasonable amount of time, before extracting parts to create the engine proper. It feels almost like a mobile game, so I’m hoping this engine will be runnable on android (though at the time of writing, I’ve yet to investigate how).

New Features I’d Like One Day

Some things I’d like to add in the future include:

Some of these have always been planned, but were sidelined or are incomplete for one reason or another.

Nope Features

Some things I simply don’t want to include at the current time include:

This is because reworking the internals to add an entirely new system like this would be incredibly difficult for very little gain.

Ironically, I’ve never used a do-while loop seriously until I started implementing this language.