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A toy programming language.

Building Toy

This tutorial assumes you’re using git, GCC, and make.

To embed toy into your program, simply clone the git repository.

Toy’s makefile uses the exported variable TOY_OUTDIR to define where the output of the build command will place the result. If you’re building Toy as a submodule (which is recommended), then you MUST set this value to a directory name, relative to the root directory.

export TOY_OUTDIR = out

Next, you’ll want to run make the from within Toy’s source, assuming the output directory has been created. There are two options for building Toy - library (default) or static; the former will create a shared library (and a .dll file on windows), while the latter will create a static library.

toy: $(OUTDIR)
	$(MAKE) -C Toy/source

	mkdir $(OUTDIR)

Finally, link against the outputted library, with the source directory as the location of the header files.

all: $(OBJ) toy
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(OUT) $(OBJ) -L$(TOY_OUTDIR) -ltoy

These snippets of makefile are only an example - the repository has a more fully featured set of makefiles which can also produce a usable repl program.